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ERESI 0.78b1 is available for Linux, BSD and Solaris on IA32, SPARC32, SPARC64, MIPS32 and ALPHA64.
It includes the ELF shell, the Embedded ELF Debugger, and the ELF tracer.

The ELF shell is an interactive, modular, independent, unified and scriptable ELF (Executable & Linking Format) machine designed for executable files, shared libraries and relocatable ELF objects manipulation. Its innovative features make it usable by reverse engineers and security analysts for embedded debugging and plain C code injection in binary programs and processes, execution flow redirection that allow for dynamic analyzers generation and testing on binary programs. ELFsh is composed of libelfsh and libasm, it does provide a modular and reusable interface for external projects that is compatible with kernel hardening patches : It can perform operational modifications on non-executable stack and heap based systems for multiple architectures.

ELFsh is now part of the ERESI Reverse Engineering Software Interface

Please visit the ERESI website for further ELFsh software distribution and documentation.